Should I Repair Or Replace My Carpet?

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Carpet Cleaning Services Edmonton

Carpets provide warmth, comfort, and beauty to homes which is no wonder why homeowners invest in aesthetically pleasing designs that match the other furniture and accessories in rooms. 

However, over time carpets get damaged mainly due to pets, burns, and age. These ripples in the carpet can be hazardous to the residence and can also look unsightly when selling the property.

The first reaction is to replace the carpet, which could prove expensive, especially if many areas are affected by the rippling. Therefore, it’s essential to have an expert assess the extent of the carpet damage before making an informed decision.

Consequently, At Jupiter Carpet Cleaning Inc., we help prolong the longevity of carpets and ensure that they are safe. We achieve this by asking clients to send us a few photos of the worn-out flooring, and typically within ten minutes, we can recommend a solution. Besides providing a recommendation, we also offer the following services:

Carpet repairs 
To bring back to life an aged carpet or to fill holes, we can extract small pieces from your closets and other hidden areas. We can also use spare pieces that you may have from prior carpet installations to carry out the repairs.

Carpet stretching 
The other option that we offer is to stretch carpets when bumps develop, which prevents tripping. It’s best to stretch ripples as soon as they form, as damage can be done to the backing, causing permanent impairment to the carpet. (That’s when carpets would need replacing).

To learn more about our carpet repair and stretching services, please make an appointment with us by calling (780) 218-3754 We have fully trained staff ready to help you with all of your carpet woes. Our services include carpet shampooing, carpet stain and odor removal, carpet repair, carpet stretching, and flood damage carpet cleaning. We also offer upholstery cleaning to our clients. We serve clients across Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Nisku, Leduc, and Beaumont, Alberta.

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