Common Mistakes People Make When Attempting To Clean A Carpet Themselves

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Carpets have a great way of bringing together the various elements in a room and adding warmth and a touch of luxury to a home. Unfortunately, stains on the carpet, burn marks, discoloration, bad odour, etc., can dampen the effect a carpet has. To make matters worse, owners often try to fix the issue with the carpet themselves and then find their carpets in a worse condition.

While it may seem like you need to have your old carpet replaced with a new one, a professional carpet care company can help you save money and your carpet. With over a decade of experience under our belts, the experts at Jupiter Carpet Care Inc. have put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to clean a carpet themselves, and how to get it done the right way.

1. Using the wrong products for stain removal.
People often attempt to remove a stain with either bleach or a product in full concentrate, which is just as bad as bleach. What will happen with bleach or full concentrate is you will remove the color from your carpets, effectively bleaching them, but the stain will still remain. If this is done, you cannot fix it on your own. You will have to reach out to a professional and have your carpet re-dyed.

Instead of using bleach or full concentrate, we suggest diluting basic dishwashing soap, applying a dab then using a soft brush to scrub the stain, then apply a wet cloth to remove the soap and stain and then dry with another cloth.

2. Using a lot of soap and not rinsing it off.
When people try to clean carpets themselves, they often leave too much soap on the carpet, which after a month attracts dirt and looks terrible.  When using a home cleaning machine, be sure not to use too much soap, if you do, make sure you go over the carpets again using just water in your machine.

3. Trying to fix burns and tears yourself.
People will often attempt to fix burns or tears in carpet themselves by using many different options but often leave a gluey or hard mess around the area instead. The costs of a professional like ourselves is about the same as the cost of the supplies you’ll need to repair the carpet. However, with us, you’ll get eleven years of experience and no mess or hard surface.

If you still want to address a burn or tear yourself, then you need to buy a glue gun, Olfa knife, and needle nose pliers. You then need to cut the burn out and use it as a stencil for the new piece, apply the hot glue around the edges of the carpet and onto the underlay, tuck the new section in trying not to push any glue from the edges up, and Presto!, you’ve hopefully completed a successful repair!

4. Using the wrong method for odor elimination.
Have an animal that just can’t make it outside or to its litter box? If the answer is yes, then baking soda and vinegar are not the solution to your problem. If you’ve just seen your animal make a mess, then quickly take a dry rag or paper towel and try to remove as much from the carpet and underlay as possible. If you own a green machine, extract and rinse the area thoroughly. If there is still an odor, then purchase an enzymatic deodorizer to break down the bacteria from the urine, let it dwell for ample time, then extract it. If you still have an odor then you need professional help, so reach out to the experts at Jupiter Carpet Care Inc..

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