How To Check The Quality Of Carpet Cleaning And Repairs

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Outsourcing your carpet cleaning and repairs has its downsides – and rightly so. Low-cost carpet cleaning providers sacrifice quality to offer low-cost, attractive packages. And can end up costing you in the long run. Some cleaning services also happen to lack experience resulting in poor quality control that just creates frustration. Their work can also lead to safety issues and cause damage to your home or facility. Fortunately, not all carpet cleaning providers skimp on quality assurance. There are many that understand how to create quality-oriented carpet cleaning and repair programs that emphasize accountability and great results.

You have every right to be concerned about service quality when getting your carpets repaired and cleaned. That’s why it’s important to pick a carpet cleaning company that puts quality first and allows you to be confident in the quality of service you receive. At Jupiter Carpet Cleaning Inc., we want to help you choose a reliable carpet cleaning professional. To do this, we explained in this blog two instances where you can check the quality of carpet cleaning and repairs.

1. Carpet cleaning
Over the years, we’ve had countless phone calls from people panicking and upset after receiving a service from a carpet cleaning company that didn’t produce the results that they promised. It’s always frustrating for us to hear that another local carpet cleaner has taken the money of a customer after a job and had stains left behind. Attention to detail is incredibly important when it comes to carpet cleaning or anything to do with cleaning. As a result, it is vital to check that your cleaning company takes time and put in the effort to remove every stain on the carpet and do it well. In case some stains stick, it’s usually because of the chemicals present in them. When hiring a cleaning company, make sure you talk to the people who are going to come to your house. A good cleaner will make an effort to explain why some stains don’t lift. But, they will go the extra mile and try to use their professional expertise to come up with cleaning solutions for it.

The actual time spent cleaning is also important in verifying the quality of a cleaning company. Now we know this sounds like a contradiction, but some of us can move through a home quite quickly. Usually, when a cleaner does move through quickly, people wonder, “Are they still ensuring they are removing all stains possible?” We often get flack for cleaning too quickly. However, we have been training and doing this exact same job for a long time and have gotten the hang of working around a house very fast. We ensure that our work is done on time and efficiently too. We make sure we take care of or at least attempt to remove all the stains on your carpet. If a stain cannot be removed, we will sit down with you and explain why. 

Our cleaners always insist that you take a thorough walkthrough after their cleaning is done so that you can inspect our job and look for stains missed. This is our way of giving you the “work guarantee” of a professional company. If a company doesn’t come back to fix any problems that they missed, then they’re not worth calling for future work.

If you want to check for service quality before actually using the services of a carpet cleaning company, make sure you ask them a lot of questions. Ask them questions about their experience, the people they hire, the machinery they use, and whether they come back for do-overs in case you’re not satisfied. By asking these questions, you will be able to verify if they have what it takes to get your job done well. It helps to check out their ratings online too. If they have a track record of work not guaranteed, poor customer service, portable cleaners instead of truckmounts, etc., then it’s advisable for you not to use such a company.

2. Carpet stretching
There are many different situations that you can run into in the carpet repair world. Just because a company offers carpet repair services does not mean that they provide experience. This can be an issue that usually resides among companies that don’t focus solely on carpet repair work. When calling on a prospective carpet repair company, ensure that they ask you a lot of questions regarding the job you have for them. If they fail to ask detailed questions about the area of the carpet that’s affected, such as dimensions and the location of the damaged carpet, this may be a red flag that they do not repair carpets often and perhaps aren’t as experienced as they would like you to think. If you decide to proceed with them, make sure to proceed with caution. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. You can even have them explain how they would repair your carpet issue and what tools they would use.

To professionally stretch and repair carpet, a cleaning and repair company must be prepared for every possible aspect of the job. They need to have the experience, knowledge, and equipment required to stretch the carpet properly. A good company will sit down with you and explain in detail how this entire process works. Depending on the quality of the carpet and the area needed to be stretched, you are able to figure out the price per hour for their services (nothing more than $150 per hour is a reasonable price). If they aren’t willing to sit down with you and discuss quotes, then get out of there as fast as you can. A company that is willing to take the time and talk to you will only have your best interest at heart. So do not hesitate to ask the tough questions you want answers to and always ensure you’re getting top-quality services at a reasonable price. At Jupiter Carpet Cleaning Inc., we ensure we give a warranty on the services we provide. All good cleaning service providers do this, and as a customer, you should confirm the details of the warranty provided.

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