Flood Damage Carpet Cleaning Service in Edmonton, Alberta

Our Edmonton Carpet Cleaners Can Help You Avoid Further Water Damage

From heavy rainfall to your sump-pump failing and backing up, flooding does happen! But what do you do when you have had a flood in your home and your carpet is soaking wet and smells awful? Avoid water damage and moldy mildew by giving us a call! We will work to dry out your carpets and the underlay, and get rid of that dirty, mildew smell! We will also remove the water, bring in a dehumidifier, and inspect and treat your carpet so that you may be able to save it!

We know that a flood can cause all kinds of damage, and your flooring is the last thing that you want to think about. We’ll help to take that worry away by drying out your carpet and underlay. We will make sure to thoroughly clean the area, in hopes of saving the affected flooring, and get rid of any smells caused by the flood.